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How Technology Will Fuel a New Business Boom

How Technology Will Fuel a New Business Boom Here at Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, we’ve been preparing for the next wave of interest in small business and the need for preparing fundable business plan packages and capital raising documents for clients. Technology has always been at the forefront of great booms in business – from […] Continue reading →

How We Achieve a 65% Funding Rate

The simple truth of business plan writing is that less than 1/2 of 1% of all business plans written ever receive any kind of funding.  That’s a pretty abysmal rate!  There are a multitude of reasons why the funding rate is so low. For starters, most people don’t understand what it takes to put a […] Continue reading →

What is Crowd Funding?

Hopeful entrepreneurs all over the world look for funds to help start up new businesses. Some entrepreneurs go to banks in hopes of getting a business loan. Others search out investors who contribute funds to get a business running. Although these sources of funds can be helpful, there is another funding source that might be […] Continue reading →

The Most Valuable Post You May Ever Read

We keep pretty close tabs on what’s happening in the world of crowdfunding, and as I read the various articles in major publications or see segments on TV news, I am amazed at how little understanding there is about crowdfunding, and the vast differences between the donation-based crowdfunding that’s been around for a number of […] Continue reading →

Professional Business Plan Writers in Ohio

Blue Horizon Venture Consulting is a world class business plan consulting company with consultants located in major U.S. cities. Blue Horizon has served hundreds of around the world, including a number in Ohio, in cities such as Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Akron. Several of our consultants are located directly in Ohio, including Michael […] Continue reading →

Social Media Revolution

In the past year, there has been a lot of buzz about businesses using social networking as a marketing tool. Almost every business is at least on Facebook. But now, there are dozens of social media sites that you can list you business on. Several blogs have posted that businesses can overwhelm themselves– and more […] Continue reading →