1. What is Blue Horizon Venture Consulting?

BHVC is a cutting edge business consulting practice run by Todd H. Smith. We are based out of Jacksonville, Florida.

BHVC writes Wall Street caliber business plans, prepares detailed financial forecasts, and builds knockout presentations for it clients.

BHVC will take your existing business concept from conception to execution, and we will help you every step of the way.

2. Are you focused on one particular industry?

Blue Horizon is not focused on one specific industry.

We have worked in a broad spectrum of industries and this gives us the foundation onto which we can adapt to just about any industry.

3. How big is your company?

Blue Horizon Venture Consulting is run by Todd Smith. The Company utilizes expert services on an outsourced basis, making it lean and fast. Things happen quickly without layers of management to bog down the work.

BHVC’s expert affilicates are located in major U.S. Cities (New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles) and throughout the world. BHVC has numerous contacts with attorneys, accountants, and other specialists, who can help you succeed.

4. Can you help us raise capital?

Yes! We can write or update/improve your business plan, financial model, and investor presentation and make sure that it gets in front of decision makers who can get you funding quickly! From the earliest seed capital to full scale multimillion dollar VC funding we can help guide you along the right path to success. Our track record of success speaks for itself…we have helped to fund the contruction of factories, the building of hotels, real estate developments, high-tech manufacturing, software development, and much more. Nearly two thirds of our clients get the funding they seek in some way, shape, or form. Compare that to the less than 1% of all business plans that ever get funded, and you can see where Blue Horizon adds tremendous value to your business.

5. Do you ever invest in your business clients?

We are always open to investment opportunities.

6. Why should we use you when we can just do it ourselves?

Statistically, less than 1% of all business plans written ever get funded. BHVC has a success rate of around 60% in helping our clients raise capital. We know what investors are looking for and we can deliver the message in a clear, concise professional package. You time is better spent on direct activities that build your business, such as finding employees and developing your product or service.

7. How do you build financial projections?

We develop financials in one of two ways: with a detail-oriented Excel package, or through our software partnership with Alight Planning (www.alightplanning.com) .

We prepare a 5-year detailed income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement that is driven by detailed assumptions. Each financial model can be easily changed under multiple scenarios to see how key drivers affect the bottom line. A pre-money valuation is also included in this work.

8. How long does it take to write a plan?

We typically follow the following steps:

  1. A free one-on-one consultation about your business to understand your needs.
  2. Review of any work you have done to date
  3. Formal proposal for services
  4. Due diligence & brainstorming: we try to meet in person with every client at this point to lay the groundwork for the plan.
  5. Preparation of a rough draft of all deliverables
  6. Several iterations of changes and updates, based on client feedback.
  7. Coaching on all aspects of the plan, financial model, and presentation.
  8. Provide ongoing support and execution of the plan, as needed.
  9. Depending on the amount of work the client has done before an engagement, this can take from 2-8 weeks to complete.

9. How much does this cost?

We can work for either a fixed fee or on an hourly basis, whichever you are more comfortable with.

Typically, a fixed fee project gives the client more value. However, the hourly structure does give a client more control over cost. Our current billing rate is $175/hr, and a typical fixed fee project ranges from $10,000-$30,000.

10. How can you charge this when other people will work for much less?

We understand that there are cheaper services out there…..Companies that will prepare a cookie cutter plan for you and then will set you adrift to figure things out for yourself. We believe in the personal approach, and we will spend the time to thoroughly understand your business and build you excellent investor-grade materials. Our results speak for themselves. And, think of it this way – how much does your attorney or accountant bill you? When compared to those services, we feel BHVC can add much more value to your bottom line.

11. What are your qualifications?

Blue Horizon Venture Consulting has been operating since 1999. The Founder, Todd H. Smith, holds a B.S. degree in Finance from Clemson University, and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA, as well as a Masters in International Management from Thunderbird. He has worked for large corporations such as IBM and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida, and he has managed numerous startup businesses.

BHVC business plans have helped clients raises in excess of $100 million in venture capital to fund expansions, build factories, and start operations in a wide variety of fields.

Our network of affiliates are all top flight MBAs from prestigious schools like UCLA, Stanford, Penn and Harvard and we can tap in to expertise in any industry or region of the world.