Alternative Energy

Business Planning for Alternative Energy Entrepreneurs

As someone with expert knowledge of alternative energy, you’ve no doubt noticed that a lot of businesses suddenly want in to this growing industry. When you have the vision and the solutions, don’t let competitors walk away with the funding. Attracting the financing to implement the ideas are what separates the leaders in alternative energy from the “me too” crowd. And for that you need a superior alternative energy business plan.

You have the vision. Let Blue Horizon Venture Consulting showcase and support your vision through our expert business planning. From compelling executive summaries and graphics to comprehensive market analyses and financial statements, we develop the business plans that make the best impressions. Our success rate speaks for itself. To date, more than 64% of our clients have achieved funding for their businesses, for a total of $220 million in business investment.

What’s more, our consultants are not only proficient writers, but also experienced entrepreneurs with MBAs or PhDs from top business schools, including UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, Thunderbird, MIT, Chicago, and Wharton. So just as your business acumen includes in-depth knowledge of alternative energy regulations, resources, and solutions, our consultants bring expertise in regulatory issues, financial modeling, and industry-specific investment considerations. Call Blue Horizon at (888) 241-6426, or contact us online for a business plan quote. Let us help you build the wealth to build your business.