Educational Industry Business Planning

When your educational startup offers the smartest solutions, graduate to the most advanced business planning, too. Many entrepreneurs recognize that educational quality is ripe for improvement, yet fail to recognize that building a better product or service is not enough. To succeed in the high-stakes education industry requires capital investment—and that takes A-plus business planning.

At Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, our expertise aligns with everything you need to succeed and thrive. Our business planning writers hold degrees from top business schools, including UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, Thunderbird, MIT, Chicago, and Wharton. We also excel at venture capitalism and have many years of experience in industry management. Our high standard of planning has helped our clients raise more than $220 million in venture funding.

Get the education industry business planning that makes the grade. Your fully customized plan will include an executive summary, in-depth analysis of your company, context about the education industry, and plans for marketing, design, development, and finance. We also offer optional coaching to help you turn a presentation to lenders and investors into a master class in business savvy. Let’s get started. Call Blue Horizon Venture Consulting at (888) 241-6426, or contact us online.