Business Plan: Manufacturing

In manufacturing, quality counts. You wouldn’t settle for poorly made products, so why should you settle for an assembly-line business plan? At Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, a team of experienced entrepreneurs will develop your manufacturing business plan. We deliver hard work, not guesswork, and our track record of success proves it. Nearly 65% of our clients have attracted funding for their businesses, a total of $220 million and counting.

Following extensive financial discussion with each client, we will build investment grade business plans that meet the most stringent tests of venture capital evaluation. This includes an executive summary, a detailed profile of your company, in-depth analysis of the market and the competition, an operating presentation and more.  We also give you the strategic insights that help you leverage a manufacturing business plan into manufacturing business capital. From five-year financial forecasts to coaching services for presenting, Blue Horizon Venture Consulting gives you resources that get you ready—“investor ready.” To start today, call Blue Horizon Venture Consulting at (888) 241-6426. Or contact us online.