Business Plan: Nanotechnology

When your business depends on the precise manipulation of atoms and molecules, it doesn’t make sense to leave the success of that business to chance. In a field where accuracy is everything, your nanotechnology business plan needs to be effective in every tiny detail. Fabricating macroscale products is a full time job. Do you really have time for business plan writing and raising capital, too?

At Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, we approach the development of nanotechnology business plans with a meticulous methodology not unlike that of a scientist—we ask the critical questions, develop the initial hypothesis in the form of a 5-year financial forecast, and we conduct in-depth research of all the relevant evidence, including the market, your customers, and the competition. We’re driven by strong analytics, never supposition.

We also have both the academic distinctions and the industry expertise to handle the most complex financial models. Our many success stories include obtaining National Science Foundation grants for nanotechnology industry clients. From providing comprehensive documentation, to advising on the formation of new nanotechnology companies, Blue Horizon services have helped our clients to raise more than $220 million in business capital investments. Turn a talent for tiny dimensions into a big success. Turn to Blue Horizon Venture Consulting for your nanotechnology business plan. Call us today at (888) 241-6426 or contact us online for a business plan quote.