Telecom Industry Business Planning

There’s never been a more exciting time to launch or expand a telecommunications venture. But without solid business planning, your startup might never start at all. Make sure your next communication is to Blue Horizon Venture Consulting.  Our innovative business planning can help you raise the capital you need to create a new business, grow a network, or to make your existing telecom business more competitive.

Just as the public’s demand for wireless data keeps increasing, venture capitalists demand hard data about your business before making an investment. Blue Horizon can develop a plan that communicates everything potential investors will want to know, including an executive summary, in-depth company description, comprehensive industry analysis, consumer and competitor demographics, sections on strategic marketing, design, development, operations, and more. We will ensure that you are “investor ready,” with a compelling presentation to offer venture capitalists.

And how’s this for “big data”? Over 64% of Blue Horizon business planning clients obtain funding, with a rising total of $220 million in capital generated so far.  At the same time, our services are surprisingly affordable. From the basic Summary Plan to the complete Venture Capital Quality Plan, we offer options for every budget. Call or contact  Blue Horizon Venture Consulting today for a free quote.