Business Plan: Travel and Transportation

The travel and transportation industries offer tremendous potential for growth—if you begin with the right travel business plan. You know that people will always want to travel, whether for pleasure, business, or to change residences. But there’s a world of difference simply putting something on paper and developing a thoroughly articulated business plan that fully prepares you for launch. Creating a generic business plan for travel or transportation is like merely taxiing down a runway. You could burn a lot of fuel without ever getting anywhere. At Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, our travel business plans ensure that your company is ready for takeoff.

Whether your goal is to attract funding for a travel services start-up or to expand the range of your current travel or transportation business, Blue Horizon can help. Our process carefully addresses all the essential elements to ensure that your business will be “investor ready.” We go beyond the boilerplate writing of some other consultants to focus on the most rigorous aspects of developing a viable plan. That means having in-depth discussions about your objectives. Conducting the research and analytics that net strategic insights into the market. Developing a business plan that takes full account of marketing, management, operations, and finance.

Don’t go economy class when it comes to your business plan in travel! Upgrade to elite with Blue Horizon Venture Consulting. More than 64% of our clients have obtained funding, with upward of $220 million in total capital raised to date. Find out more about our better business plan service and development. Then contact us for your free quote.