Business Plan Services for Worldwide Business Planning

As the world of business evolves, so does the concept of business locations. At Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, our main office locations are in Florida and Ohio, but our success stories encompass business locations around the globe. From Central America to Canada, in cities and states across America, and from nation to nation, Blue Horizon Venture Consulting offers the worldwide business planning that 21st century entrepreneurs require.

Even the credentials of our business team cover several of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities. From the Pacific to the Atlantic coast, our consultants have earned their degrees from top business schools, including UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, Thunderbird, MIT, Chicago, and Wharton. We have also honed our skills in venture capitalism through many years of industry management. As our testimonials show, our business plan services have been in demand ever since.

Where do you want your business to succeed? Wherever you are, wherever you hope to be, our worldwide business planning is with you all the way. View a complete list of our services by location. Then call Blue Horizon Venture Consulting at (888) 241-6426, or contact us online.