Business Plan: California

So you want to start a business in California. Who wouldn’t? In 2012, nearly half of all U.S. venture capital went to California businesses. Small businesses alone contribute around $190 billion to the state payroll—each year. Ranked first in the nation for the number of small businesses (a staggering 5.7 million), California also holds first place for U.S. patents. But along with the exciting success stories, there are tales of start-ups that tank and long time businesses that lose direction—all for lack of a viable business plan. That can lead to costly mistakes—like a rush to launch that overlooks state regulatory changes or key market realities. Or a belief that some “can’t fail” product or service idea will magically attract funding.

Don’t let irrational exuberance cloud your judgment. Superior business planning is what separates California dreamers from California business leaders. At Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, we offer you the independent, objective insights that help you see how your business looks to investors and lenders. After in-depth discussion to gain a thorough understanding of your business, we customize a business plan California investors will take seriously—from a compelling executive summary to analyses of your company, the industry, the market, your customers and the competition. We also include sections on marketing, design, development, and finance along with detailed appendices.

Don’t settle for cheap shortcuts that ultimately cost you your success. The California businesses that succeed do so by making the best impression on some of the nation’s most discerning venture capitalists. Discover why 64% of Blue Horizon clients attain funding for their businesses.  Call (888) 241-6426 or contact us online for a business plan quote.