Business Plans: Florida

With its favorable tax climate, the prospects for economic development draw many entrepreneurs to the Sunshine State. From international trade to healthcare technology, construction to aerospace, Florida offers excellent opportunities to companies with the strategic heft to make the most of them. However, you won’t get far without a Florida business plan. Whether you’re a newcomer looking to launch, or a long time resident ready to expand an existing enterprise, you need a business plan for Florida to set your objectives and to demonstrate your ability to achieve them.

No matter how appealing your ideas or how much experience you have, venture capitalists expect to see a detailed business plan before they will even consider investing. Furthermore, you need a Florida business plan that will stand out from the pack. Seasoned investors review several business plans a day, so merely filling in a template won’t do. At Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, we create Florida business plans that command attention and attract investments. Following extensive discussion of your objectives, we work closely with you to produce a plan that presents a clear and comprehensive overview of every aspect of your business. Our detailed 5-year financial forecast and research into your market, customers, and competition are just the beginning. By the time we have completed your plan and financial model, you’ll be “investor ready”—right down to your customized slide deck presentation.

Get the business plan that gets the funding. More than 64% of Blue Horizon clients attain funding for their businesses. In fact, our clients have raised more than $220 million in business investment to date. You can’t do that with a template. Call the business consultants who really mean business—business capital for business success. Call Blue Horizon Venture Consulting at (888) 241-6426 or contact us online for a quote.