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You’ve recognized the #1 problem facing startups and growing businesses today – lack of capital. Lack of capital to hire employees, to purchase inventory and equipment, to pay for marketing, to bring in professional assistance, all of which will help you reach the next level in your business. Without the ability to invest in your business, your growth is stunted, while the bills continue to pile up.

The ANSWER is here in the form of FrontLine Financing, a financial resource tool that will show you a wide variety of ways to raise capital for your business, and keep track of all your efforts in the process.

FrontLine Financing comes with an info-packed audio CD as well as two DVDs, so you can watch, listen, and/or learn in your car, in front of your TV, or sitting at your computer. On top of this, this resource tool comes with a comprehensive “Control Center” spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of your progress in raising capital as you move towards your goals. You’ll also receive a 36-page informative workbook that will provide you with case studies and even more information on raising money!

What’s better is that YOU CAN’T FAIL! That’s right, we absolutely guarantee that if you follow the guidelines provided for you in this program, and you don’t raise enough money to pay for this course and then some, we’ll REFUND YOUR MONEY….no questions asked!!!

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 So what are the various methods for raising capital that we’ll explore in this resource?

Glad you asked!

  • We’ll start by looking at the variety of ways you can generate capital yourself. After all, you are your own best resource! You’ll hear the story of a down and out homeless man who literally started with the clothes on his back and with a little vision, imagination, and hard work, turned his life on the streets into a profitable business that also helped others in a similar situation.
  • We’ll look at various personal assets that you can tap into, as well as the almighty credit card that has funded many a startup in the past. We’ll look at other forms of personal credit, investing, buy/sell transactions, and so much more. And that, my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg!
  • Next we’ll explore the art of networking. Building relationships with others, who upon learning about you and your business, are more likely to invest with you. With all of the social media and networking tools at our disposal these days, it has never been easier to spread the word about what you’re trying to accomplish!
  • Then, we’ll take a look at crowd funding, a new but rapidly growing way to raise capital through the use of social networking. The power of viral messaging at work.
  • No resource on financing would be complete without taking a look at banks. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, banks are a part of our everyday lives, and a very important source of capital. As the economy recovers, banks will start lending again, so it’s important to understand how they operate and how you can tap into them to support your company. We’ll discuss what banks look for and how SBA loans make it easier for banks to lend money.
  • Grant funding is also a very important, and often misunderstood source of funding. There is a significant amount of grant funding available, but it typically depends on where you live and what your business is – contrary to popular belief (and some unethical scammers) grants are not available to everyone for every business, and procuring grant money can be a long process. But for those who understand them, who play by the rules, and have patience, grand funding can be hugely rewarding. Get the straight scoop here!
  • Alternative financing sources are a collection of very powerful ideas that you can use to catapult your business forward. Partnering, bartering, private financing, leasing, contests, PR, and a wide variety of other subjects will be discussed. Some of these tactics will help you raise money, and some of them will help you save capital that you can put to use in other ways.
  • Last but now least, we’ll look at Angel Funding. Angels are all around us – in our neighborhoods, towns, in restaurants, on golf courses – an entire generation called Baby Boomers are out there inheriting wealth at an unprecedented rate. There has never been a larger pool of potential Angel investors out there – you just need to know where to look, and how to talk to them.

We’ll cover a lot of ground, but don’t be overwhelmed. The special spreadsheet, included with this course, will help you keep track of your fund-raising activities as you work towards your goals.

Here’s what some of our customers have had to say about FrontLine Financing:


“Wow, what a great resource! I never really sat down and thought about have many different ways there were to raise money, but this course really tied everything together for me. While not everything I tried worked for me, I was able to raise enough money to purchase the equipment I needed, and now my sales have doubled because I can do more in less time! I highly recommend this course to anyone in need of money for their business”
Dave T. Elkon, MD


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Free EBook! Setting Up For Success All orders will also receive a free copy of our E-book, “Setting Up For Success” that will guide you through the proper way to set up your business.

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Don’t get bogged down trying to use every one of the 37 methods shown here. Pick a handful and focus your efforts, and you soon see money coming at you from a variety of directions.


“With Frontline Financing, I soon had more money at my disposal than I needed! Makes me wonder why I spent so much time scratching and clawing to make ends meet”
Evelyn S. Garland, TX



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Don’t Forget! YOU CAN’T FAIL!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We absolutely guarantee that if you follow the guidelines provided for you in this program, and you don’t raise enough money to pay for this course and then some, we’ll REFUND YOUR MONEY….no questions asked!!!

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