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Let’s face it – starting a business is hard work! While there are widely varying statistics on the success rate of startups, it’s safe to say that the majority of startups fail. Why? In most cases, it boils down to two things: lack of capital and lack of experience. Not coincidentally, most venture capitalists will look at two things when deciding whether to invest in a company: the people and the numbers.

Save yourself time, money, frustration and aggravation and let Blue Horizon Venture Consulting do all the heavy lifting to get your business off the ground. We’ll wade into battle with you for the first year of your company’s life, and give you the absolute best chance to succeed and prosper.

Here are some of the services that come with this package:

  1. Forming the company – We will research the best state in which to form your company. We will analyze the tax implications and costs involved in selecting the appropriate entity. We will register your entity with the state of choice and obtain a Tax ID from the IRS. We will prepare your initial operating agreement, and will provide all of the necessary stamps and documents.
  2. Licensing – We will analyze the licensing requirements for operating in your location, and will take care of all of the necessary applications, including federal, state, county, and local municipalities.
  3. Banking – We will open your operating bank accounts and set up online banking services in order to integrate your bank account with your accounting system. We will set up your payroll system with the bank and manage quarterly and annual payroll tax obligations. We will also set up a merchant account for the purposes of accepting credit card payments, if applicable.
  4. Accounting – We will set up your initial Quickbooks files customized for your specific business. We will integrate the Quickbooks file with your bank and will reconcile your bank statements quarterly. We will prepare periodic accounting & financial reports and will handle all tax filing matters.
  5. Business Plan Package – We will write your business plan, build a detailed 5-year pro forma financial forecast, and we will prepare an engaging investor presentation.
  6. Raising Capital – We will assist you in raising capital, exploring the wide variety of capital sources with which we are experienced. We will assist you in pitching your proposal to investors, negotiating terms, preparing due diligence materials, and securing the needed capital to keep your business growing.
  7. Operational Milestones – We will assist you with all operational activities in an effort to ensure that you reach your proposed milestones in a timely fashion. This may include initial sales efforts, infrastructure development, analyzing systems, developing a website, etc.
  8. Marketing Implementation – We will assist you in developing a comprehensive marketing campaign both online and offline in an effort to reach your targeted customers in the most cost effective and expedient fashion. We will use systems to effect significant automation of your marketing in an effort to reach and stay in front of your prospect with the minimum amount of effort. This will funnel down your best prospects to you so that you’re spending your time dealing with likely buyers and not time wasters.
  9. Launch – We will work with you in your initial product launch campaign in an effort to built significant PR, hype, and interest in your products and/or services. This launch effort will be focused on a specific series of dates and will create significant momentum for the company.
  10. Initial Hiring Decisions – We will assist you in locating, screening, and hiring your initial staff members who will be an asset, and not a drain, on the company. We will also help to locate potential advisors and board members. We will also assist you in outsourcing non-essential tasks in a cost effective manner.

Our business expert will fill in a C-level role (CEO, COO, CFO) for the first year of operations, and will lend his/her considerable experience to the launch of your company. Having the right people on your team from the outset will not only lend significant credibility to your cause, but it will also help you to avoid costly, and time-consuming mistakes.

As you can see from the list above, starting a company is a tremendous amount of work. There are hundreds of details to attend to, and often not nearly enough time in the day. On top of this, if you lack the experience in starting/running a company, you can get lost in details and not spend your time actually building and managing your company.

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