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   Income – How important is having a predictable income?

1) Critical – I have to know where my next paycheck is coming from
2) Important – I need to make sure my bases are covered, but I’m open to some highs and lows
3) Somewhat Important – I can survive on a base income while I work on other opportunities
4) Not Very Important – I know things will work out one way or another

Investments – What do you invest in?

1) I do not invest
2) Mutual Funds, Money Markets, and Large Cap Stocks
3) Individual Stocks and/or Real Estate
4) Small private companies and high risk/high return opportunities

Investible Assets – How much in investible assets do you have?

1) None
2) Less than $100,000
3) Between $100,000 and $500,000
4) More than $500,000

Organization – How do you rate yourself organizationally?

1) A total mess, I can never find anything I need!
2) Not very organized, but I manage to get the important things done
3) Pretty well organized, but something occasionally falls through the cracks
4) Meticulously organized 24/7

Self Motivation – Can you manage yourself?

1) If someone doesn’t make me do it, it won’t happen
2) I have a hard time motiviating myself, but can ocassionally
3) I can usually manage my own time, but slack off a bit from time to time
4) I am on top of my game, and have no trouble motivating myself into action

Schedule Setting – How do you manage your day?

1) Life is pretty random, I do what’s on the top of my mind
2) I don’t keep a formal schedule, but I keep things in my head
3) I keep a to do list and stick to it pretty well
4) I keep a calendar of daily, weekly, and monthly activities

Taking Direction – Do you prefer to be told what to do or to be the one telling others?

1) I prefer to have someone else tell me what to do
2) Sometimes I like to tell others what to do, and sometimes I prefer to be told what to do.
3) I prefer to work alone
4) I need to be in charge, make decisions, and delegate tasks to others as needed

Risk Tolerance – What is your risk tolerance?

1) I don’t like to take any risks, it makes me too nervous
2) I will take very conservative risks, but I have to think it through first
3) I am open to taking risks, but I still need some measure of stability
4) I enjoy taking risks without always knowing all the answers

Starting a Business – Have You Ever Started One or Considered It?

1) I have never consider starting a business
2) I’ve thought about starting a business, but just don’t have the time
3) I have thought a great deal about starting a business and have done some initial planning
4) I have started a business before

Managing People – Have you ever been in a leadership role?

1) I have never done it, and don’t want to
2) I have never managed people, but I am open to the idea
3) I don’t manage people at work, but have taken on leadership roles elsewhere
4) I lead people at work

Types of Businesses – If You Were Ever to Start a Business, What Kind Would it Be?

1) A Freelance Gig Here or There Relating to My Job
2) An At-home or Part-time Business
3) A Service or Product Business That Will Eventually Become My Primary Occupation
4) A Full Time Venture Into Which I Would Throw All/Most of My Energy

Financial Management – Do you keep a budget or track your spending?

1) I am out of control and live beyond my means!
2) I generally don’t worry too much about finances
3) I don’t keep a budget, but a do keep track of my assets and spending
4) I keep meticulous track of all of my spending and run a tight budget

Planning – How far in advance do you plan?

1) I fly by the seat of my pants and deal with whatever comes my way
2) I can plan a week or two ahead, but beyond that, I never know what’s going to happen
3) I have the next 6-12 months planned out, and a few long range goals
4) I have short term, medium term, and long range plan meticulously mapped out

Creativity – Are you able to come up with new ideas and concepts?

1) I’m not really an ideas person, but can offer my advice on new ideas
2) I wouldn’t consider myself creative, but every now and then I come up with a good idea
3) I have a good imagination and sometimes come up with inspired ideas
4) I am full of great ideas, always thinking of the next big thing!

Action – Are you a dreamer or a person who takes action?

1) I love daydreaming and planning, but almost never take action on my ideas
2) If there was more time in the day, I would probably take more action
3) I sometimes take action on things that interest or inspire me
4) I don’t hesitate to do what needs to be done

Marketing – Do you understand marketing?

1) Marketing, who needs marketing?
2) I don’t know much about marketing, but am willing to learn
3) I know a little about marketing, but could afford to learn more
4) I am a marketing whiz and have spent a lot of time in the field

Multi-tasking – can you manage more than one task at a time?

1) I can’t tie my shoes and chew gum at the same time
2) I can do one or two things at a time, but beyond that, I get flustered
3) I can usually juggle several things at once, but sometimes get overwhelmed
4) I can manage many things at once and easily switch gears between them

Funding – If you could start a company, how would you fund it?

1) I don’t have much money, so it would have to be on a shoestring budget
2) I have some savings and could use credit cards, friends, and family for the rest
3) I have some decent resources and also have some contacts with investors
4) I have significant resources and/or I know venture capitalists who are ready to fund me

Support Group – Do you have people around you who are entrepreneurial?

1) Everyone tells me I’m crazy for wanting to start my own business. I don’t know anyone who has
2) Most of the people I know work for someone else, but a know few people who run a business
3) I don’t come from an entrepreneurial family, but I have a lot of friends/contacts who are
4) My parents, most of my friends, and my family are entrepreneurs

Education – Do you know everything you need to know to run a business?

1) I don’t know anything about running a business? Help!
2) I know a little, but I definitely need to learn a lot more
3) Yes, I have all the information I need and I am doing great!
4) I know quite a bit, but I can always afford to learn more

Marital Status – What is your current situation?

1) Married with children
2) Married, no children
3) Single, never married
4) Single – widowed or divorced

Formal Education -How much have you completed?

1) Have not graduated
2) High School
3) Bachelors’ degree
4) Post graduate work

Income Level – What are your current earnings?

1) Less than $50K per year
2) More than $50K, but less than $100K
3) More than $100K, but less than $250K
4) More than $250K

Housing Status – Do you own or rent?

1) Renting, never owned
2) Renting, previously owned
3) Own my own home
4) Own multiple properties

Location – What setting do you live in?

1) Small town (population 50K-500K)
2) Rural area
3) Medium metro area – (poulation 500K-3 million)
4) Major metro area (Population 3 million plus)

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