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How Technology Will Fuel a New Business Boom

How Technology Will Fuel a New Business Boom Here at Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, we’ve been preparing for the next wave of interest in small business and the need for preparing fundable business plan packages and capital raising documents for clients. Technology has always been at the forefront of great booms in business – from […] Continue reading →

The Most Valuable Post You May Ever Read

We keep pretty close tabs on what’s happening in the world of crowdfunding, and as I read the various articles in major publications or see segments on TV news, I am amazed at how little understanding there is about crowdfunding, and the vast differences between the donation-based crowdfunding that’s been around for a number of […] Continue reading →

Why Start Your Own Company?

Why Start Your Own Company? The top of mind question for many would-be entrepreneurs is: why start my own Company? While true that the safety and security of a W-2 job is comforting, true stability and freedom comes from starting, owning, and operating your own business. While there is risk, there is also a much […] Continue reading →

Why Everyone Needs A Business Plan

Why Everyone Needs A Business Plan This past week, I attended a great workshop out in the mid-western US. A little chillier there than the 80 degrees back home in Florida, but well worth the trip.  Nonetheless, I was appalled that a speaker during the workshop said he “hated the term ‘business plan’ and that […] Continue reading →