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The Most Valuable Post You May Ever Read

We keep pretty close tabs on what’s happening in the world of crowdfunding, and as I read the various articles in major publications or see segments on TV news, I am amazed at how little understanding there is about crowdfunding, and the vast differences between the donation-based crowdfunding that’s been around for a number of […] Continue reading →

6 Tips for Creating a Successful Business Plan

By Todd Smith At Blue Horizon Venture Consulting we provide comprehensive solutions to our clients including creating an investor-grade business plan. We understand you may not need as comprehensive a business plan when you’re first building your business. We offer the following six tips for creating a successful business plan for new entrepreneurs: Dream.   Napoleon […] Continue reading →

Crowdfunding Conference Review

Greetings! I just got back from last week’s first ever equity crowdfunding conference, held in Las Vegas.  Blue Horizon Venture Consulting was a sponsor and had a table at the event, where we discussed our business plan, financial modeling, investor presentation, and capital raising services with potential business partners and clients. It was a tremendous event, […] Continue reading →

How Small Business Benefits From Crowdfunding

How Small Business Benefits From Crowdfunding We’ve been hearing the term crowdfunding a lot in the media so let’s discuss what it is and how small business benefits from crowdfunding. Does your business need capital for expansion? We’re headed to the first ever Crowdfunding Bootcamp on October 9-11, 2012 and you’re invited! What is crowdfunding?Crowdfunding […] Continue reading →

Why Start Your Own Company?

Why Start Your Own Company? The top of mind question for many would-be entrepreneurs is: why start my own Company? While true that the safety and security of a W-2 job is comforting, true stability and freedom comes from starting, owning, and operating your own business. While there is risk, there is also a much […] Continue reading →

7 Secrets For a Fundable Business Plan

7 Secrets For a Fundable Business Plan Later this month, Blue Horizon Venture Consulting will be putting on a free webinar called “7 Secrets to a Fundable Business Plan”.  During this webinar, we’ll be talking about some of the tips and tricks that can make a business plan appealing to investors. Todd Smith, Blue Horizon’s […] Continue reading →