BHVC has worked with a broad spectrum of clients in a number of industries since the late 1990’s.
The clients include:

P1 Precision Fasteners: A High Performace Auto Parts ManufacturerNeed: Raise Capital to Acquire Competitor Assets and to Commence OperationsChallenge: P1 needed a business plan rewrite and financial model in order to obtain bank funding for a new line of business as part of a larger conglomerate.

Outcome: Blue Horizon worked with P1 to fine tune a well crafted business plan that tied in with the 5 year proforma forecast we developed for them.

EQMentor: An Online Mentoring/Training CompanyNeed: Raise Capital to Expand OperationsChallenge: EQMentor needed a bridge round of financing between initial seed funding and a full Series A – which can be difficult to obtain.

Outcome: Helped guide the company through negotiations with a VC equity investor for the amount of financing needed. Blue Horizon later assisted EQMentor with the sale of the company to another firm.

AMT – Orica: A Chilean American Manufacturing/Chemical CompanyNeed:Business plan and financials to expand operationsChallenge:Limited investors in Chilean market.

Outcome: With a team of students at UCLA’s Anderson School, developed a comprehensive South America roll-out strategy along with a business plan and financials. Places 3rd in the Knapp New Ventures Competition. Spent several months in Santiago working directly with the company to build an Internet presence. Company was funded and was able to build a new factory.

Esperides North America:A Distributor of Fine Italian Sleep ProductsChallenge: Develop a Business Plan, Financial Model and Strategic Planning.Outcome: Developed a comprehensive business plan used to secure financing for the build-out of an HQ store location and warehousing space. Participating in ongoing strategic meetings to advance the interests of the company in its licensed marker.

NetMachine: An Internet Terminal CompanyNeed:Develop a Business Plan, Financials and International Roll-out.Outcome: Developed and helped execute and international roll-out strategy for inexpensive Internet surfing terminals. Product led to production of a celebrity endorsed infomercial.

The Gap: A Fortune-500 RetailerNeed:Research on real estate leasingChallenge:To cost effectively lease space.

Outcome: Helped research, analyze and develop a real estate leasing strategy for a large global clothing retailer, with the Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic stores.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida – A Large Health InsurerNeed:Develop a Business Plan and Roll-out Strategy to Bring Latin Consumers to the Florida Healthcare MarketplaceChallenge:To analyze the South America market place to determine the feasibility of bringing health business to Florida.

Outcome: Conducted primary research in numerous Latin American countries to help determine receptiveness to the idea. Helped a team develop an international marketing strategy to bring wealthy foreign nationals to U.S. hospitals for health care needs.

Matchpoint: A Tennis/Fitness CenterNeed:A Business Plan and Financial Model to Raise CapitalChallenge:Working with developer and plans to create a comprehensive plans for investors.

Outcome: Wrote a business plan, financial model, and investor presentation for a large tennis/fitness center in the Mid-Atlantic region, which will operational in the Fall of 2008.

Molnar Development: Residential Housing Development in Romania, EU.Need: A Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Financial Model for an Several Developments in RomaniaChallenge:To get capital needed to construct and start business

Outcome: Developed and helped to execute a business plan for a residential builder in an Eastern European country new to the EU. Financing was a major obstacle, but through utilization of our global network, we were able to find numerous contacts and get the project off the ground.

Hotel Hacienda Santa Maria Xolostoc: A Mexican 5-Star ResortNeed:To Raise Capital for the Completion of the ResortChallenge:To gather all of the necessary information in order to put a plan and financial model together.

Outcome: Traveled to Mexico to see the site first hand and gather materials for the business plan. Developed a business plan, financial model, and presentation to develop a luxury resort from this 500-yr old Spanish Hacienda in the highlands of Eastern Mexico.

Swing Development: A Luxury Home Builder in ArizonaNeed: To Develop a Business Plan and Financials for New Development CompanyChallenge:To put together information quickly to take advantage of market conditions.

Outcome: In short order, developed a business plan and financial model for a custom builder in Arizona.

Helix Wind: An Alternative Energy CompanyNeed:Client wants to understand the market for wind power in Europe.Challenge:Obtaining market data that supports a market entry strategy and sales forecast for the European market.

Outcome: Data was researched and gathered including population, growth rates, wind patterns, business environment, government subsidies, and several other factors. This research was entered into the Blue Horizon Market Entry Matrix and a three-tiered market entry strategy and sales forecast was developed and is being implemented.

Bid That Project A Consumer Services WebsiteNeed:Client had an unsatisfactory business plan experience.Challenge:Rebuilt business plan, financial model, and investor presentation to VC caliber

Outcome: Client very pleased with plan. Retained BHVC to assist with capital raise. Developed comprehensive list of angel investors and group, VC, and succeeded in helping client win the Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge and get accepted on ABC program Shark Tank, which they declined.

Koscar Interactive: A Retail Technology CompanyNeed:Client has orders ready to go, but needs capital to finance manufacturing the inventory.Challenge:Build a business plan and financial model to attract investment capital to fund inventory.

Outcome: Research market data in the U.S., China, and Indonesia for Koscar’s various interactive signage, including the patent pending “Magic Mirror” for the retail clothing industry, that allows customers to virtually “try on” clothing. Developed top notch plan and model and introduced client to various potential retail partners/trade groups in the U.S.

Tomea Inc. Real Estate & Management Services Tomea Inc: A Full Service Real Estate CompanyNeed: Client needs a quick business plan to present to existing investor and to help her understand her financial forecast.Challenge: Quickly researched San Diego realty market and developed a comprehensive financial model forecast that captured clients’ complex revenue streams. Online Home ShoppingNeed:Client building company from concept to reality.Challenge: SMTV started as a mere conceptual idea, and we worked with client to build an initial financial model and business plan, that allowed him to go out and attract potential partners to help develop the Company. From there, we worked with client and partners to refine plan and model for presentation to investors. Possible long term involvement and ongoing advisory role in the works.

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