Quick Launch Service

Price Range: $1997

Are you ready to rock and roll with your business but need help getting all of the details out of the way! With Blue Horizon Venture Consulting’s “Quick Launch” service, we’ll take care of all of the launch details for you! We’ll check to see if the name you’ve chosen is available in your state, we’ll prepare and file your articles of incorporation with that state, we’ll get you a federal tax ID number, and you’ll get a complete deluxe binder with certificates, a basic operating agreement, and a company seal. You’ll get a free year of registered agent service, if needed, at no additional cost. But that’s just the start! From there, we’ll set up your accounting system with Quickbooks, help you set up your corporate bank account, and we’ll integrate the two. We’ll then create a basic website, so that you’ll be up and online immediately without delay. We’ll even help you set up merchant account so that you can start taking credit card orders online and in person. And we’ll do all this for you in two weeks or less, guaranteed!


Full VC Quality Business Plan Package

Price Range: $5000 – $15000+

If you’re looking to raise more than $250,000 for your business, you’ll need a full-blown VC-quality plan with detailed market analysis, competitive intelligence, graphics, a full set of pro-forma financial statements, a valuation, an engaging investor presentation, and all of the details required by seasoned angel and VC investors. Don’t miss your first and only chance to make a good impressions!

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Price Range: $2000 – $5000+

If you’re looking to raise a smaller amount of capital, typically under $250,000, often a summary business plan package will suffice. This detailed, yet concise 10-12 page business plan with a 5-year financial forecast will impress friends & family, banks and SBA lenders, and people in your personal network, and show them that you have thought through all the details. 

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Price Range: $1500

If you’re not quite ready to proceed with a full business plan package and you are trying to better understand the market in which you want to operate, which includes market size, history, current status, and future projects, as well as the competitive landscape, then a feasibility study is a good first step. This study will help you to make a “go/no go” decision about your business. If you decide to proceed to one of our business plan packages, this work will directly contribute to your plan, and the fees already paid will be credited towards a full package.



Price Range: $15 + Shipping

Join Blue Horizon Venture Consulting’s CEO, Todd Smith, as he shares the early stages of his career and the ups and downs of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. This true life autobiography will enlighten readers on the great joys and some of the pitfalls of owning your own business. And, if you’re a dog lover or you like global adventure travel, then you’ll likely get a kick out of Todd’s book as well! Available for e-Readers on Amazon.com and other fine retailers.



Price Range: $1995 - $4995

Equity Crowdfunding is going to change the face of small business finance – allowing business owners and investors to connect in ways that cut out the expensive middlemen. But the rules of compliances are not simple, and business owners must carefully prepare a variety of documents and complete a number of tasks in order to qualify to raise capital this way. At Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, we’ve been carefully monitoring the progress of equity crowdfunding legislation around the world and have been attending and speaking at conferences on the subject. We offer several packages that guarantee you’ll be compliant. Contact us to find out which one is right for you!

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Price Range: $497

Already have a business plan written, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to present to investors? Or have you had a poor response to your plan and feel like you can’t get your foot in the door to even talk to investors? You need to find out if your business plan is “Investor Ready”. The detailed analysis of your plan, conducted by a seasoned business plan expert, will go section by section through your plan and tell you the strengths and weaknesses therein. Each section will be graded, and you’ll get an overall grade as well that tells you if you’re ready to talk to investors or if you need more work!


Frontline Financing

Price Range: $297

We have been in the business of helping startups for more than 13 years, and invariably the #1 problem they all face is a lack of adequate capital. And when it comes to lacking capital, the biggest reason for failing to get it, is the lack of knowledge on where to look for it. This course, which comes with a detailed workbook, 6 DVDs, and a CD-Rom disk that contains a spreadsheet for tracking fundraising progress, will benefit everyone from a kid running a lemonade stand to the experienced entrepreneur trying to raising funds from angel investors, and everything in between.


Setting up for success

Price Range: $197

Just getting a company started? Save yourself a huge amount of time, money, and aggravation by setting up your business the right way, the first time. So many people are so anxious to dive right in and start operating, that they overlook some of the most crucial steps to getting a business started. We’ll cover how to form a legal entity


Done for you business creation

Price Range: $97,000

Have the resources but not the time and experience you need to really get your business started? Blue Horizon has the solution! We will do everything for you: from forming a company, setting up bank accounts, setting up an accounting system, writing your business plan, developing a financial model, helping your raise additional capital, hitting your initial company milestones, developing a marketing campaign, launching your product or service, hiring your first round of employees, and serving as your company CEO/COO/CFO for your first year in business!