social media

By Todd Smith

As an entrepreneur we have many roles and a lot of information thrown at us at a rapid pace including social media. How you choose to use social media is entirely up to you. We wanted to share some ways that social media can be effectively used in business to help you establish and grow your business brand.

  1. Creating Community: As the old song goes people want to go “where everybody knows their name.” Social media is doing that by creating communities. You want your business to be known? Effectively manage your social media presence – or hire a social media strategist to do it for you.
  2. Establish yourself as the Expert: Offer tips, news and information and build a reputation as the leader in your field or industry on social media.
  3. Social media is social: Consider social media to be a networking tool where you can reach a wider community than with traditional marketing. As the established expert you are creating a community that your following will refer to their friends and business contacts.
  4. Marketing Plan: Social media is part of a marketing strategy bringing your brand and message to a wider audience than traditional marketing. It is not a complete marketing plan in and of itself. Working with a business coach on a complete business plan will help clarify this.
  5. What to Say: Show don’t tell when it comes to having effectively using social media in business. Most of your post (whatever the platform) should be related to your field or industry and not direct sales pitches. Remember you are building trust and a relationship with your following.

As you continue your journey as an entrepreneur it is our hope these and other tips from our blog and social media will guide you in your journey.