Hopeful entrepreneurs all over the world look for funds to help start up new businesses. Some entrepreneurs go to banks in hopes of getting a business loan. Others search out investors who contribute funds to get a business running. Although these sources of funds can be helpful, there is another funding source that might be a better option for startups. Crowdfunding is an investment source that sometimes goes unnoticed.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way for a group of individuals to pool resources in order to fund startup businesses or organizations. An individual that is a part of a crowdfund has two options. The investors can donate the money through donation-based crowdfunding with the knowledge that they will not receive anything back. Alternatively, the investors can purchase a portion of the endeavor, which is known as equity-based crowdfunding.

How Can Crowdfunding Help Startups?

No matter which source of crowdfunding is used, this investment gives entrepreneurs the funding they need to finance an idea. Crowdfunding raises the capital used to begin a new business or to start a new project, allowing entrepreneurs to stay away from traditional bank financing options. This can be beneficial for entrepreneurs since sufficient startup capital increases the chances of success.


What is Crowd Funding?
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