Why Start Your Own Company?

The top of mind question for many would-be entrepreneurs is: why start my own Company? While true that the safety and security of a W-2 job is comforting, true stability and freedom comes from starting, owning, and operating your own business. While there is risk, there is also a much greater upside reward in accomplishing your goals – as the saying goes, “you reap what you sow”.

Added to which, corporate loyalty is a thing of the past. The cushion of social security and a corporate pension that previous generations took for granted are no longer guaranteed. Forming your own business can create a guaranteed position with unlimited upside potential and retirement security. Sticking it out in the corporate world can ultimately be an even greater risk.

Does this mean you should pack up your cubicle today and taste the winds of freedom tomorrow? Not necessarily. When starting your own business you should carefully plan your venture, and outside of the capital required to start your venture, you should have at least six months of living expenses at the ready to carry you through.

Another alternative is to start your venture on a part time basis and gradually shift your focus toward the point in time in the future when you can make the break.

In either case, be prepared to work hard and discipline yourself. If you don’t, you may find yourself looking for another job after a nice six month vacation.

Trust Blue Horizon Venture Consulting (www.bluehorizonvc.com) to be your guide in this process to put you on the path to personal freedom and business success!

Todd Smith, Managing Director
Blue Horizon Real Estate