Interim Executive Management

BHVC will help you from day one through the execution phase by serving your company in an interim executive position (CFO, COO, CEO) for the period between formation and capitalization when you are able to hire these positions full time. BHVC will not write your plan and leave you wondering how to make it happen…we want to be your long-term partner for success! We can tap into a pool of talented, experienced start-up experts to pilot your venture to profitable waters. Staff can either work remotely or locate at your place of business, if required.

We understand that hiring a full time executive can be an expensive proposition for a young startup. Payroll costs, taxes, benefits, etc can all eat into your capital reserves which leaves you less for operating purposes.

Our experienced executives will lend significant credibility to your company for much less that it will cost you to hire a full time executive. In most cases, these roles will be on a part time basis (20-30 hours per week) and will include a monthly cash retainer as well as an additional equity component, depending upon your preferences and negotiation.

As interim executives, we can help you with any number of operational activities:

  1. Marketing
  2. Accounting
  3. Raising Additional Capital
  4. Sales
  5. Meeting/Engaging Customers
  6. Product Design
  7. Manufacturing Outsourcing
  8. Meeting/Speaking to the Press
  9. Real Estate Acquisitions/Leasing
  10. Equipment Purchases/Leasing
  11. Fulfillment
  12. Transportation/Logistics/Warehousing

And so much more! Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn about these valuable services.